Downtown Pittsboro: A Vibrant Hub for Chatham County

Pittsboro is known for its leafy streets and quiet neighborhoods. In recent years, downtown Pittsboro has become a hub of activity and vibrancy. Historic buildings, unique local businesses, and quaint charm make this a destination for residents and tourists alike. The town is committed to preserving its heritage while maintaining a thriving social scene. From […]

Summer Vibes: What to Do Around Pittsboro This Summer

Summer is here, and the vibes are wondrous. No doubt the pool parties and picnics have started already, but many of us crave even bigger get-togethers. We’ve got some of the summer’s hottest events listed below. Pick one that suits you and your family and get ready to vibe with Pittsboro and our surrounding cities. […]

Pittsboro Events: Bazaar Night Market and More

This Friday (May 13th, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.), The Plant is hosting Pittsboro’s Bazaar Night Market. The event is put on by Reclamation Vintage and will feature a wide range of vintage and local artisan vendors. Come out, grab a bite to eat and some delicious local beverages, and shop to your heart’s content! […]